Disasters Natural and Otherwise

It’s been a tough few days in the south island of New Zealand. Christchurch was struck by a 7.1 earthquake in the early hours of Saturday morning. That’s nearly as big as the quake that flattened most of Haiti last year. Even though Christchurch is a first-world city, with first-world building standards and infrastructure, the city has taken a beating. Nobody died, mostly because of the timing I think. The centre of town where most of the damage occurred was pretty empty at 4:35am.

I was woken up by the shaking here in Dunedin, 400 odd kilometres away. Earthquakes are fairly common in New Zealand, so I just went back to sleep. It wasn’t until I read the news online the next morning that I had any idea just how bad it was in Christchurch.

On Saturday afternoon, nine people died when a sky diving plane crashed onto Fox Glacier, which is on the west coast of the south island. It’s the worst air accident in New Zealand for about 10 years.

And on Sunday evening gale (and even some hurricane) strength winds hit the lower half of the south island, knocking down trees and causing power and water outages.

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2 Responses to Disasters Natural and Otherwise

  1. Tatiana says:


    Don’t know if you remember me- I’m cookiemonster from Vox. I haven’t done anything with Vox in forever since the “upgrade” that facilitated my tendency to very naughty words. I heard that Vox was shutting down and thought I’d check out where you were.

    My, but you’ve been busy and my how Petra’s grown! She’s got a smile that tells me she finds it better to ask forgiveness than permission. đŸ™‚

    We just moved ourselves last April after spending almost twenty years in our old house, and that was just a move of a couple of streets away yet it was still a huge pain. Moving an entire household across the globe with a small child can easily fill up any time alloted for it.

    I’m glad to hear you’re well and relieved that you’re OK in the aftermath of the earthquake. Very glad there were no fatalities.

    • Janette says:

      Hi there
      Glad to hear from you – I wondered what you were up to. Yes, you’re exactly right about Petra. She just quietly does what she wants and finds out the consequences afterward. She’s lovely though – talkative and imaginative and busy.
      So far she’s excited about the move – new bedroom, new house, spending time with Daddy after 6 weeks apart. I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the boxes at this stage. I’ve never had quite this much to unpack before and we’ve gone from big house to small, so I have to figure out how to squeeze everything in.
      I can’t imagine having to move after 20 years in the one place – you must have had so much stuff to deal with.

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