In the last hour or so I have: folded a pile of dry washing, hung out a load of wet clothes, started a new load, emptied the dishwasher, filled the dishwasher, talked to Carla and Olivia on the phone, talked to mum on the phone, danced ring a ring a rosie with Petra many times, sat in the hallway pretending to drive tigger and pooh to the doctor, played the doctor and fixed their ailments, supervised Petra painting, wiped up the paint that inevitably ended up on the floor and wall, read an email from a friend and written most of a reply, fed Petra the vegetable part of her dinner, and started preparing the rest of her meal. 

Who is this masked woman I ask myself, who stole Janette and replaced her with this efficient person?

I have another question too – how do permanently single parents and working mums get everything done?

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One Response to Motherhood

  1. Then says:

    I want to know how single mothers do it too. Now that I have two I have a much higher respect for those that have to do it alone. I just cringe when Tom says he has to be out late for work or away for a few days. He is going to be away for 4 or 5 days next month and I hope I survive. It is difficult, isn't it? You will all be back together soon 🙂

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