Deep and Meaningful

Petra's a wonderful talker these days.  She can carry on an entire conversation and strings together pretty complex sentences and ideas.  She likes to thoroughly canvas the little excitements of her days, circling round and round events until she's satisfied that she's said all she needs to say.


We went to an indoor playground for Olivia's birthday recently and that was just thrilling.  We're still talking about it nearly two weeks later.  Petra saw Charlie the Chipmunk (some poor schmuck in a costume) and slid on some slides (Garry caught her, and Jill took her, and Mama) and played in a room full of balls and swung on swings.  And, almost more exciting than everything else, we waved goodbye to Olivia's aunty Virginia as we left.  We were on the footpath and Virginia was in her car, stopped at the lights.  Petra spotted her first and feels all the pride of the discoverer.  She's been talking about Libia's Ginia ever since.

We also have fun conversations in which Petra assigns characters to us all.  She has a wonderful imagination and it takes some work to keep up with the ever-changing cast of characters.  She likes to be Olivia and I get to be Lala, or Olivia's friend Jack.  Or she's Woody and I'm Rock and Travis is (for reasons unknown) a screwdriver.  I'm not sure where that came from, but it's a popular one.  If you ask Petra what her name is at the moment, she'll tell you "Woody."  We'd better not lose her because no-one will be able to find out who she is.

She's doing a great job of talking to people at kindy too.  I don't think I'm going to be leaving her there by herself any time soon, but she likes the teachers and feels safe with them, and she's beginning to play with the other kids.  Today, she kept charging over to Jeff (one of the teachers), saying "Hi, Jeff," and waiting for him to talk or play with her.  It's lovely to see her direct small child way of making friends.

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