We've been going for two weeks now and Petra has had a fine time.  She loves painting, banging on drums and plunking on the piano.  She pushes prams and lugs dolls around.  She's learning to pedal the trikes (although she prefers to be pushed – less work for her!).  And the sandpit is a delight for her.

She still needs me to stay in her sight and she takes my hand to lead me from activity to activity, but she's enjoying herself and each time we go, she's a little bolder.  Last time, she even got on the "dizzy swing" (a tyre suspended from a tree branch) with a couple of other kids and let me push them around.  And, after watching a group of little boys jumping off a ramp, she decided to give that go.  She waited until the other kids were out of the way, then had me hold her hand while she walked up the ramp and jumped down.

She's also interacting with the other children a bit more at every visit.  She had a good time finger painting (or whole hand and arm painting) with another little girl the other day.  And she's carefully watching what everyone does and figuring out what the social rules are. 

I'm glad she's enjoying herself and also pleases and touched by her willingness to take on a whole new environment.

It's big time work for her – we haven't made it to the Thursday session yet because she's so knackered after Monday and Tuesday that she takes huge afternoon naps for the next few days – which makes her enthusiasm all the more impressive.

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