Spam (Updated)

Every time I put up a new post at the moment, I get some random non sequitur of a comment or two.  It's very annoying. 

Vox is not what it was.  The real people seem mostly to have disappeared, replaced by spammers and people advertising something.  I'm thinking of moving my blog.  But I haven't decided where to go or what to do with the posts and pictures I've collected up here.  So inertia keeps me here for now.

Update: I've modified my settings so that only my neighbours can comment without me approving their comments first.  While that's not ideal, it will at least stop the junk comments – or so I hope.

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2 Responses to Spam (Updated)

  1. torilynn says:

    I agree! I get those weird comments every now and then. Like you, I've been thinking about moving my blog, but not sure where to go. I like so many of the features on vox that I don't see on other blogs.

  2. Janette says:

    Yes, Vox has all kinds of great features and it's a real shame that blogging here is less fun than it used to be.

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