I can tell Petra's a New Zealander because I overheard her asking Travis for the heckey sec (hackey sac) the other day.  She also says hee-ah, thee-ah, everywhee-ah (here, there, everywhere) with a conspicuous lack of "r's".

I can tell she's Canadian because she says carry and Gary to rhyme with blurry and furry.  And because she pronounces house and out with that wonderful Canadian "w" (howse, owt).

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One Response to Accents

  1. Then says:

    Adorable. Sofia has a funny accent. Some of her words come out British-like but mostly American. I can tell she has picked up some Australian things already, too. She should have an interesting accent after being here a while. People always ask me, "What kind of accent IS that?"

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