Baby Swears

Post-baby, my language has undergone a revolution.  No more satisfying Anglo-Saxon four-letter words for me.  I'm stuck with things like "holy moly" and "duude" and "my goodness."  It's just not the same at all. 

Despite my best efforts, Petra has picked up a couple of things. She wandered down the hallway this afternoon saying "bloody hell, bloody hell, bloody hell" very clearly in her piping little baby voice.  It rolls off the tongue nicely and she was enjoying the sounds, so I pretended not to hear (while privately resolving to watch my language more carefully in future).    

She also has a couple of inadvertent swear words which amuse me. I like to get her to say hasta luego because it comes out as assy wiggle in toddler-speak.  And she's been saying something that sounds like "shit show" (which is NZ slang meaning "no chance," as in "he doesn't have a shit show of passing this exam").  It's not a phrase I use, so I knew that wasn't what she was saying, but I couldn't work out what she meant.  Travis eventually translated it as "think so."   

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