My Life in Bits and Pieces

A few random thinks that I've been thinking.

1) We picked the first hot week of the year to have our house insulated.  We'll get a bill for several arms and a couple of legs for the pleasure of having people in to pack the attic and cellar with insulation, but we hope to have a much warmer, less draughty house and cheaper power and firewood bills come winter.

2) Petra is a big girl now so I spent some of this afternoon packing away childish things – no more bibs required in this house and no more daytime nappies.  Petra went from a full-time nappy wearing girl to a completely potty trained girl in about a week.  And it would have been quicker if we'd kept up with her and stopped putting nappies on when we went out.  It took Travis and me a few days to get our heads around the change because it was so abrupt and comprehensive.  I'm very glad to see the back of smelly, shitty nappies, but I have to confess to a pang for my no-longer baby as I piled everything up for storage.

3) I've given up on American politics after the health care debacle.  I am repelled by the insanity and stupidity of the opposition (Obama wants to provide health care to those who currently don't have access to it and this leads to people marching in the streets with signs featuring pictures of concentration camp victims and other people comparing Obama and the Democrats to Hitler and Stalin and any other dictator they can come up with – WTF is all I can think about this), the disorganisation and spinelessness of the Democrats, and the cravenness of the media who persist behaving as though the rabid right-wing is a serious, credible group.  Fortunately, I'm on the other side of the world and can just stop looking, so I have.

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