Happy Holidays

It's a sunny, warm Christmas Eve down here in the antipodes.  We have guacamole and salad to prepare tomorrow morning and presents to wrap after Petra's gone to bed tonight.  But apart from that we are pretty damn organised.

I can't quite believe that the year is ending already.  2009 has run away, disappearing in a rush of relocation and renovation.  It's been a full year, and in some ways, a difficult one, but it has given me great pleasure as well.   People have died and others have been born.  There have been accidents and engagements, illnesses and parties.  Travis has had pneumonia, been made redundant from one job, and acquired another one.  Petra has changed from a toddling, gurgling baby into a climbing, dancing, talking little girl.  I am learning how to make my way in the world as someone's mother while still retaining some sense of my own identity and purpose.

Dunedin is fabulous.  I love having my own house and yard.  And I'm really enjoying having so much of my family around.  All in all, life is good.

Merry Christmas everyone.  And a happy healthy prosperous New Year.

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One Response to Happy Holidays

  1. Zotta says:

    Merry Christmas, Janette!Z

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