It's been slow coming but summer has finally arrived.  I know because the first cricket test of the season started yesterday.  We've had a few days of fabulous weather as well.  We celebrated by going to the cricket for a couple of hours this afternoon. 

I used to go to the odd cricket match when I were a lass, but it's a whole different ballgame with a toddler along.  Cricket's a contemplative kind of game that unfolds gradually and you need to pay attention to pick up the subtleties.  Petra's not so big on contemplation or subtlety – she's more about talking and dancing and climbing on us.  She had a fun time clapping along with the crowd, eating everything she could lay her hands on, demanding repeated applications of sunscreen, and trying to flirt with the people sitting around us (it didn't seem to faze her that they were a tough crowd, mostly old guys and students, who weren't particularly interested in her dance moves).

While we were picnicking and playing with Petra the Blackcaps' batsmen survived a few nasty blows to the head and body and managed to bat through to the last ball before lunch without losing a wicket.  Travis and I only got intermittent looks at the play but I enjoyed the sound of bat on ball and what bowling and shot making I did see. 

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