Miss Petra

A Petra update because I haven't posted one for a while.

She'll be two on Sunday.  Already.  This time last year, she was a fat baby who'd just taken her first teetering steps.  Now she runs, jumps, balances on one foot, climbs stairs without holding on, climbs up onto everything she can, and yesterday rode her bike down the hill at Nanny's (much to Nanny's consternation).  Petra's very poised physically and very confident about her abilities – she's only to happy to give things a go.  She might just have some of her father's daredevilry in her.

She's also a big talker.  We have long conversations about things like the helicopters that fly over and the house truck that occasionally parks outside our house (she's having a toddler vehicle enthusiasm at the moment).  She tosses out her words and phrases – truck, copter, noise, look, etc, etc – and I translate them into whole sentences for her.  We then repeat and repeat until we've thoroughly canvassed the subject.  She has a few whole sentences at her disposal as well.  The things she's figured out how to say give a nice insight into the egocentric workings of the toddler mind – "I will do it."  "I don't want it." "I will get it." "Pick up, pick up," said with upraised arms and urgent hand gestures.  "Come here" and "in here," used as she leads us round the house.

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