This Just to Say

That I am in fact still here.  I don't have an ergonomic computer setup at the moment so I'm not doing much typing, lots of surfing, but no typing.

In my virtual absence, life has been going along quietly here.  It's spring and the rhododendrons are blooming.  Petra and I walk round our garden most mornings looking at the flowers.  I haven't had a garden for 10 years and had forgotten the deep satisfaction to be had from pottering amongst the plants even in a garden as tiny and down at heel as ours.  70-odd years worth of over-ambitious gardeners have crammed it to bursting with too many, too big, too close together trees and shrubs.  Our gardening efforts so far have been very Costa Rican – we've taken to the bushes with saws, loppers, and secateurs, and have removed three trees so far.  And I plot further destruction in my walks with Petra – she smells flowers while I pick shrubs for the chop.  All the camellias and a couple of sad-looking rhododendrons are on my condemned list, and I plan to prune the hell out of the remaining rhododendrons next autumn.


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2 Responses to This Just to Say

  1. Jack Yan says:

    Nice to know things are well, Janette. My yellow roses have come back for spring—I need to take a photo of them next.

  2. Janette says:

    Thanks. My roses are budding but we don't have actual open flowers yet. We pruned them hard over the winter so I'm hoping for good flowering this year.

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