New Zealand Pop

One of the pleasures of being in New Zealand again is settling back into the shared musical culture. 

In Canada, I didn't know the local music history at all.  I attended a wedding in Saskatchewan and had my "you're not from around these parts are you?" sensation reinforced by the music the dj played.  Every now and then he'd play something which I'd never heard before and which sounded completely unremarkable to me, but which would cause the whole party to stop what it was doing to rush onto the dance floor because it was a Canadian song and everyone knew it except me. 

But in Dunedin, I'm part of the shared pop culture again.  I've been coming over all nostalgic as I get reacquainted  

Here are a couple of NZ pop songs.  An old one. "Why Does Love Do This to Me?" by the Exponents – the quintessential New Zealand pub sing along song.

And the new. "You're On My Mind" by Luger Boa – a more alternative but still awfully catchy song.


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