A Day in the Life….

Petra had a busy day today.  She missed her nap time because we were getting our hair cut.  She was so tired that she just sat on the chair all by herself and went into a trance while the hairdresser snipped away at her fringe.  When it was my turn for the chair, Petra hung out with Carla and Olivia who'd kindly come down to look after her for me.  She didn't take much wrangling though. curling up on Carla's lap until it was time to go home.  I thought she'd go to sleep in the car but she didn't.  In fact she perked up enough to help Travis get firewood in from the garage.  She climbs the steps all by herself and proudly carries in the little pieces of wood Travis gives her to hold.  At the moment she loves to help us and to show off her rapidly increasing skills.  Once she's dropped her wood onto the pile, she holds her hands out to be wiped.  She didn't used to mind a bit of grime, but these days she doesn't like to have dirty hands.

We went down to the local Starbucks for tea and coffee (it's a nice reminder of life in Vancouver) and Petra walked along the street between me and Travis.  We hold her hands and let her set the pace – she stops to stare at loud boys and buses and veers across the footpath to look in shop windows.  When we reached the Starbucks she dropped our hands and rushed up to the door to try to open it, then walked confidently up to the counter.  We've been there enough recently that she knows the drill.

She was a very tired wee lass by the time we got home and was in her high chair eating tea well before 5pm.  She didn't make it through her food despite the early start.  She ate pasta, flicked tomato sauce all over my nice pale walls, then passed out in her seat.  We had to bath her to get her to wake up enough to last until bedtime.  (If we let her go to sleep too early, she thinks she's just napping and wakes up after an hour or so, then we have a terrible time trying to get her back to bed.)

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2 Responses to A Day in the Life….

  1. Then says:

    Too funny! Sofia does this at nursery the day she spends there all day. Never at home though. What a big girl Petra is now. Sofia was really good for her last haircut; I hope her cut this week goes as well as Petra's!

  2. Janette says:

    Petra's started skipping her daytime sleep sometimes. If she doesn't nap she crashes at about 5 and we have to work really hard to keep her awake long enough to finish dinner and get bathed and dressed for bed. She's only fallen asleep in her food a couple of times, but I felt like a stinky mum each time for letting her get so tired.How was Sofia's haircut? Hope it went well….

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