In the past week we've had birthdays and Mother's Day, immigration wrangling, and visits with friends and family.

In honour of Travis's birthday, Travis and I went out for lunch by ourselves and then spent a very pleasant hour or so wandering around the Dunedin Art Gallery (or Art Museum as they call themselves).  For a small city Dunedin is well-served for galleries and museums.  The Art Gallery is particularly good.  The exhibitions change regularly and are well-curated and very varied.  We looked at photo collages of gorgeous, in-your-face nudes by a contemporary Dunedin artist, a disturbing installation that evoked a hospital complete with waiting room, bed, and breast implants by a woman who had recently faced breast cancer, 19th century watercolours from Japan, and some of the highlights of the permanent collection.

A date without Petra is a wonderful and slightly disconcerting thing.  We got to relax and eat at our leisure, but we both missed Petra.

I got another change to break out of my Petra-centric world later in the week.  My friend Nicola and I went to see the new Star Trek movie.  I haven't been out at night alone since Petra was born and I was surprisingly tense about leaving, even though I was excited to go and Travis was home to take care of Petra.  Petra and Travis were, of course, fine.  I enjoyed the movie, although I felt that the plot was pretty flimsy and the relentless cockiness of the young Kirk got a bit wearing.  Simon Pegg and Karl Urban were great as Scotty and Bone respectively.  And J J Abrahms did a good job of capturing the excitement and hopefulness of the original series. 

We finally submitted Travis's immigration application at the end of last week.  Now we just wait for them to process it and return his passport with a shiny new stamp or two.  I'm still working on renewing Petra's Canadian passport but that only requires a letter and a copy of her birth certificate – much easier than the 20+ page form Travis had to fill in.

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