Keeping Up With Petra

Petra was a real star today.  Olivia spent the afternoon with us which meant that Petra didn't get her nap or her middle-of-the-day breastfeed.  She was too busy playing to stop for sleep or food.  Despite the lack of sleep, she was perky and happy all afternoon.  She's a very mellow baby.  We're lucky. 

She was, however, in danger of falling asleep in her tea time pasta – her head got too heavy for her neck and her eyelids kept closing.  I had to talk and sing and pat her face to keep her awake.  Poor thing.  I always feel like a horrible mum when she dozes in her chair.  She managed to put away quite a bit of food though and perked up for her bath.  She loves her bath so much that we can't even mention the word or she's off running down the hall yelling ba ba ba demanding that we fill the tub for her.  We have to spell it out instead. 

After her bath, she was very definite about needing to be breastfed.  And I'm not surprised since she'd gone about 10 hours between feeds – the longest gap ever.  She didn't seem fazed at all, but me and my breasts definitely noticed. 

Then she went happily off to bed just after 7.  It's strange and wonderful to have an early-to-bed baby after the randomness of the first year.  I'm still adjusting to the return of something approaching normality.

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