There’s a Big Wide World Out There

But Travis hasn't been part of it for a week.  His one break from the lounge has been a trip to the doctor for a follow-up visit.  And the outing wore him out for the rest of the day – he spent most of the afternoon sleeping. 

Despite Travis's exhaustion, he is recovering.  Dr Kent found no dull-sounding hard places in his lungs.  Now he just has to wait it out which means about four more weeks of lying on the sofa, drinking lots of water, and unfortunately lots of coughing.  We'll all be very glad when he's properly healthy again.  Petra's not quite sure why he's not playing anymore, I keep thinking of things for us to do, then remembering that Travis can't right now, and poor Travis is thinking wistful thoughts about being able to walk around outside like an ordinary person.   

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