We’re a Sickly Bunch

Down here in the antipodes.

Since we arrived in Dunedin we've been sick five or six times.  Petra gets a virus and a few days later Travis and I succumb.  It's been nasty.  And unexpected because we didn't get sick in Costa Rica.

Things improved once we moved into our own house, but we recently caught another couple of colds.  This last round has been particularly noxious.  Petra recovered pretty quickly but Travis and I haven't been so lucky.  I'm all infected and poor Travis now has pneumonia.  We caught it really early (he started looking uncomfortably unwell yesterday afternoon; we went to the after hours doctor mid-evening) so he's at home still, resting, drinking lots of water and taking antibiotics.  It's pretty rotten even in this mild incarnation – Travis is not up for anything except lying on the sofa at the moment.  Full-blown pneumonia must be thoroughly nasty.

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4 Responses to We’re a Sickly Bunch

  1. Jack Yan says:

    What’s interesting is when I get sick abroad, I get really sick. I wonder if it’s because I have not become accustomed to the strain of colds in another place. As you’ve been away, you might find you are still healthy against the colds in Canada and Costa Rica whereas I would succumb; of course, having come from a colder place Costa Rica would have been warm even in the winter by our standards. I was sick for years in this country when I first came—I was definitely not a healthy kid. I am no expert on this stuff, but I wonder if Petra’s quick recovery is down to her antibodies not having become “accustomed” to anywhere.

  2. Janette says:

    Yes, I think that's it. We're not acclimatised to NZ bugs yet and that combined with a baby whose immune system is still so immature that she catches everything, means that every single bug in town has passed through our little family. Our doctor told us it would be about a year before we were fully-adjusted. Yuck!!

  3. Roewan says:

    Tell Travis I hope he gets better soon. Don't tell him that I've heard that it takes a really long time to get over pneumonia.
    My sister says that her kids also caught every bug going around, but they always seemed to get well with a day or two, unlike us poor adults who can spend eons in misery.

  4. Janette says:

    Thanks! Six weeks the doctor tells us. Ouch. Travis has had a tough few days. Yesterday, he just lay on the sofa and slept. Today he was able to sit up for a while, but he still had to nap for most of the afternoon. It's really knocked him around.Babies are enviably robust – I'd love to have Petra's stamina.

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