Pretty Petra

Petra's gotten increasingly difficult to take photos of because she's on the go all the time.  I have lots of blurred images of a speeding baby and many many pictures of the back of her head or of half a face as she turns away or walks out of shot.  But every now and then I fluke something cute.

Petra's had another of her growth and development spurts.  The temper tantrums are a wee bit more full-on now – she yells and tosses things away and has even flung herself down on the floor a time or two all the better to wail and gnash.  She's pretty easily diverted though and is usually happy again in a couple of minutes.

She can run now and walk on tiptoe, and turn in circles and walk backwards.  She's devised a dance which involves lifting her arms over her head and lifting one leg in exaggerated stepping motions – she looks like a crane or a heron or some such stately gangly bird.  She climbs into and on and over things, which occasions me some worry, but so far she's unscathed.

And she's copying us very hard.  I had chicken katsu this evening.  I dipped it into the yummy plum sauce Jizo's provide before eating it.  Petra had her morsels of chicken and dip dip dipped each bite into a handy (and empty) cup before she ate it.

She's getting wonderfully snuggly as well.  She hasn't been particularly demonstrative until now, but she's started coming over and planting wet, open-mouthed toddler kisses on me.  The first time she just walked over while I was minding my own business (I was talking to Carla on the phone) and mashed a kiss on me quite unsolicited.  It's very very sweet. 

We were lying on the bed the other day having a wee wrestle and she rolled over to put her face on my bare stomach.  She did it a few times, giggling all the while.  I wasn't sure what she was up to, but she eventually managed to make a raspberry sound on me, which was just the most hilarious thing ever, for both of us.

Petra's not a big talker yet, but she's learning the value of using words to communicate what she wants.  She says "ta" when she wants you to hand her something and occasionally manages an "up" to go with her upraised arms when she wants picked up.  She's started calling out "mum, mum" when she wants out of bed instead of crying for attention – now that's a change I really appreciate! 

She says thank you.  And "hola hola hola, hello hello hello" to uncomprehending passersby when we're out.  She said "chao" to Nanny the other day as well, just as clear as you please.  So she's picking up bits of Spanish to go with her English words. 

She also has her own versions of "here you are" and "what's this?" which are part of her current favourite game.  She hands things to anyone who will take them and we all hand them back.  Sometimes her hands are empty but she goes through the handover routine anyway.  And sometimes she offers the object then moves it back at the last minute.  It's fascinating to watch. 

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4 Responses to Pretty Petra

  1. Then says:

    She has sure grown! Kids are amazing, aren't they? Petra has definitely gone from being a baby to a toddler. You can see it in her beautiful little face 🙂

  2. Roewan says:

    What a little character! Who is she picking up the Spanish from? Are you and Travis still speaking some Spanish?
    My last photography instructor was quite insistent about using higher shutter speeds when photographing people, especially moving people. Have a look and see if your camera has an action shot setting. Mine sort of looks like a stylized person lunging or running.

  3. Janette says:

    Thanks! It's amazing how fast they change. Everyone says "enjoy them while they're little – it goes by so fast," which is annoying and trite, but true. Petra's a big kid now. She's doing all kinds of fun new things.

  4. Janette says:

    We speak a few words of Spanish to her. Hola and chao and other simple things. She mixes them in with her English words.My camera has a kids and pets setting which has a higher shutter speed. Petra's sometimes too quick even for that setting!

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