Petra did a couple of new things yesterday.

When I'm feeding Petra with a spoon, I give her a spoon to hold as well.  It gives her a chance to practice and distracts her so that I can slip food into her mouth.  She dips it into the bowl and sloshes around, flicking food all over us both and the high chair and anything else in range.  She gets it in her mouth occasionally and is very impressed.  Mostly she holds it by the bowl and puts the handle end in her mouth – whatever works, I say.  As I gave her breakfast she held the spoon up to her ear, said "la, la, la" and handed it to me.  I held it to my ear and said "hola, it's for you," and gave it back to her, which pleased her.  And with that, we'd had our first real game of pretend.

After breakfast, I offered her milk.  But when I got the pillow and sat down on the special red armchair, she turned me down, choosing to wander off and play instead.  She's never done that before.  I've been moaning about Petra's enthusiasm for the breast and telling all and sundry about my fear that I'll be breastfeeding until Petra's 50, but I know that I'll be sad as well as relieved when she stops.  It's such a lovely, cuddly, close thing to do.

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