QotD: World Traveler

Which countries have you visited? Which countries are on your list to visit?

Countries I've visited: Australia, Canada, USA, Holland, Morocco, England, France, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Vatican City, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Columbia, New Zealand.

I don't have a list because I'm open to going most everywhere if it's safe and practicable with a child (so no war-zones or places with no facilities at all for travellers).  Some places that particularly appeal though – Tunisia, Portugal, India, maybe a Pacific Island or two since we're down here.  I'd also like to go back to Western Europe, especially Greece and France.

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3 Responses to QotD: World Traveler

  1. Janette says:

    They're so little that you almost don't notice when you're in them – Liechtenstein in particular just blended into the surrounding countryside. Andorra's like a giant ski resort – a Queenstown on steroids.

  2. Jack Yan says:

    I might have driven through Liechtenstein without knowing! I was on my way down to Italy and spotted their cars (four-digit number plates, if I remember correctly) but remember the countryside there. Maybe I really should have ducked in to add one more country to the list! (Andorra I was nowhere near, though I found a town called Andorra in the south of France!)

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