The View from up Here

We moved into our house on Boxing Day.  We haven't unpacked yet and we've got the bare minimum of furniture – a bed, a sofa, dining table and chairs, computer desk and chair.  And the house is so big that I'm not quite sure where to go in it yet – I find myself loitering in corners.  But it's wonderful and exciting and strange to have such a fabulous house for our very own.  I can't quite believe that it's really ours, that I get to garden and choose paint, and scheme schemes about kitchen renovations.

We spent today loitering around arranging things in a desultory kind of way.  Travis got me a great Christmas present this year – a Canon Powershot SX110.  I haven't figured out to fly it yet, but I took a few pictures this evening.  It was a beautiful summer day here and the view from our deck and lounge showed to advantage.

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One Response to The View from up Here

  1. Roewan says:

    What a fantastic view! And I just love those windows.
    It took us several weeks to feel even a little settled down in our new house. And I didn't hang a single picture for four months because I couldn't bear to make holes in the walls.

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