Whatever the Weather

When I lived in Vancouver and San Jose anyone calling me from Dunedin would always launch into an animated discussion of the weather at some point in the conversation.  It wasn't always easy to make a contribution, especially in Costa Rica where it was always the same temperature.  It's 25 degrees and showery for about 8 months of the year and 25 degrees and dry for the rest of the time. 

Now that I'm back in Dunedin though, I'm rediscovering the delights of weather.  Since we arrived here not quite two months ago, the temperature's ranged between 31 degrees celsuis and about 0 degrees.  We've had bright bright sunshine, drizzle, mist, gale force winds, snow, sleet, hail, and sideways rain.  The only thing we haven't had is frost.  This is what passes for late spring/early summer in Dunedin.

I like the unpredictability even though I'm out of practice at managing it.  Layers of clothing are key, along with diligent stoking of the wood burner that most houses here are equipped with.

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