Vox Hunt: The Holidays are Here

Show us a sign that the holidays are upon us.

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7 Responses to Vox Hunt: The Holidays are Here

  1. Roewan says:

    Playing dress up with the baby, eh. If she sees this picture in 15 years she might be relieved to see that at least it isn`t a frilly pink dress accessorized with hair ribbons and those white socks with silly curly tops.

  2. Janette says:

    Yes, a Christmas bib shouldn't cause her too much pain when she's older. She has a Canadian flag bib as well, courtesy of grandma. Bibs are the baby version of teenagers' slogan-covered, band-touting t-shirts, except babies don't get to choose the message…

  3. Roewan says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if I can find a more teenager-worthy bib… How does Petra feel about Guns N` Roses?

  4. Janette says:

    The key question is what does Petra's mother think of Guns N' Roses!

  5. Roewan says:

    Ok, maybe Talking Heads would be a better choice. Or how about The Clash?

  6. Janette says:

    Ooh, a Clash bib would be cool. Can you get such things?

  7. Roewan says:

    I've never seen one but I could easily make one if I can find a t-shirt.

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