A Banana Republic with Snowflakes

So says an unnamed "Carleton University international affairs expert" in an article about the current Canadian political imbroglio.

What's happening up there?  It seems that Stephen Harper overreached himself (revealing a scarily autocratic bent) in trying to cut funding to the opposition parties and has made people nervous by not reacting forcefully enough to the impending recession in Canada.  But can the three main opposition parties really step in and form an unelected government?  Especially when one party (the Liberals) is extremely disorganised and is led by a man so lacklustre and uninspiring (and he would be the new Prime Minister) that people decisively rejected it and him at the polls.  When another of the parties (the Bloq Quebecois) wants to secede from the rest of Canada.  And when the three are united only by their desire to put one across the Tories and take power. 

It seems to me that a new election would be a more democratic thing to do.  But it's also such a bizarre set of circumstances that I'm not sure that I understand what's going on.  What do Canadians think?  What are the rules?  What options do the Governor General, the current government, and the opposition have?  Who's the villain of the piece – an overly dictatorial Stephen Harper, an overly power-hungry opposition – or is there opprobrium enough for all?  

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4 Responses to A Banana Republic with Snowflakes

  1. Roewan says:

    Harper Hubris!
    I'm too incensed to write anything else right now so, later…

  2. Roewan says:

    Spoiled narcissistic brats, the whole lot of them!

  3. Roewan says:

    Ok, ok, I'm calm.
    There is Canadian historical precedent for opposition parties banding together to form a government. And Harper should remember his own deal-making past before accusing the Liberals of making deals with the devil.
    Tomorrow should be interesting.

  4. Janette says:

    After I wrote this, I read an interesting blog post by a Canadian who normally writes about knitting of all things. She said that Harper had been menacing the opposition with confidence votes all through his last term but when he tried it this time round, they called his bluff. Hubris indeed.

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