We took Petra to the doctor today because she's got her first ever cold and we wanted to get her checked out.  I asked the receptionist for the address.  She told me, 351 King Edward Street (shades of the British Empire there) on the corner of what sounded like Melvin Street.  "I don't remember a Melvin Street along there," I thought.  But after 10 years away, my memory can't be trusted so I didn't think anything more of it.

We drove along looking for 351 and found it on the corner of King Edward and Melbourne Street.  The NZ accent turns the "bourne" into "bin".  But my confusion of the "v" and "b" sounds is pure Costa Rica.  "V" and "b" are interchangeable in Spanish and Spanish speakers use them indiscriminately.  "Vamos" is pronounced "bamo."  My friend Karla noted that an unpleasant image gave her "bery bad bisuals."  Travis had someone ask after the "veve" (ie. "bebe"). 

Travis and I are both tripping over the b/v thing now, even though we can hear the difference between the sounds.  I don't know why, but whatever the reason, it's the only lasting effect of the Spanish on our accents.

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