One More Sleep

We fly tomorrow night.  Wow! 

It's come up really fast and we haven't done all the things we wanted to.  But the important stuff is done – our storage locker is empty and everything's on its way to New Zealand, we've visited with friends, and hung out in the West End.

I'm still torn about leaving.  Saying goodbye sucks and I've got things I'm going to miss very much.  I'm also nervous about being in NZ after such a long time away.  At the same time I'm tired of being in transit and am looking forward to being organised and settled.  I'm scheming Dunedin schemes as well.  I plan to hang out with friends and family, eat a lot, and generally reacquaint myself with the city.

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2 Responses to One More Sleep

  1. Then says:

    Ooooh. I can't believe it is time for you to go already. You are lucky to have been able to hang out in Vancouver, such a lovely city, and then head off to New Zealand, one of my most favourite places ever. I hope your flight goes well with Petra. Sofia tends to sleep for many hours, but can be a total terror at times, too. Update us when you get there.
    What is your accent like after being in so many different places?
    (No word on our adventures yet. Still waiting)

  2. Janette says:

    Thanks! Yes, we have great places to choose from. Vancouver's a fun city and New Zealand is so beautiful and laid back. I'm hoping very hard that Petra sleeps most of the way to Auckland because the flight's overnight. We leave here at 9pm and arrive into a NZ morning.My accent's still mostly intact but I have a few Canadianisms these days – extra r's and slightly flatter vowels. And both Travis and I have found that our time in CR has left us mixing up our b's and v's. They're interchangeable in Spanish and I don't think Spanish speakers hear a difference between them, but we do so I'm not sure why we're tripping over the sounds now. Has yours changed? You've been in even more places than me.I have my fingers crossed for your move – I've been checking your blog for news each time I log on.

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