Four More Sleeps

I can't quite believe that it's really happening but we fly to Dunedin in four days.  I'm torn – excited to go and looking forward to seeing everyone, but sad about leaving my friends in Vancouver and aware of how easy it would be to slide back into my life here. 

NZ is the right decision for us now.  We really need a community for Petra and for us and I want a home base, but I also value many things about Vancouver.

We had dinner with friends last night and our hosts made toasts in honour of their guests, all of whom are leaving Vancouver, one couple to Paris (Paris!!) and the other (us) to New Zealand.  They looked up lots of literary criticism terms online and smooshed them into a toast for me.  It was lovely – funny and touching.  They're good friends to me and Travis, and I'll miss them.

I'll also miss Dinie and our wonderful leisurely dates, writing with Sandra, the public library and the seawall, and all my massage people.

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