New Skills

Now that she's 10 months old, Petra has a whole new set of skills.  She can stick her fingers down her throat and gag herself.  Something she likes to do if she doesn't want the food we're offering, when she's bored, if she's in the back seat of the car where we can't get to her, or just for the hell of it.  Suddenly we're dealing with puke-stained clothing again after a few months of hardly any vomit at all.  I googled "10 month old baby gags herself" and discovered that many babies develop this endearing habit at around 10 months.  No one seems quite sure why – just because they can and it's interesting, and because it provokes a gratifyingly vigorous reaction from mum and dad – are the most common theories.  As for how you stop it – no one had any real words of wisdom – keep cool and wait was about it.  We're calmly and politely cleaning up vomit for now and hoping it's a short-lived phase.

Not all of Petra's activities are so messy fortunately.  She's cruising like a pro, round and round the coffee table.  And she's really balanced and strong on her legs and in her torso.  She twists, wriggles, and turns, hardly ever losing her balance any more.  No more toppling over and smacking her head on the floor.

She follows instructions (when she wants to!), turning the pages of her books, backing down from the sofa or chair, and coming over for a snack when asked.

And she's a computer whizz in training.  She's figured out how to open the DVD drive on my laptop and hovers around my knee poking at it until it pops out.  She can also make all kinds of odd things happen by diligently prodding away at the keyboard.  Windows appear and disappear, pages scroll up and down, the computer beeps and moans in protest, and dialog boxes pop up asking me if I'm really sure that I want to do some obscure and catastrophic thing to my computer.

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One Response to New Skills

  1. Carla says:

    Wonder why making yourself puke seems like a good idea? Babies are srange little things, surely there are better ways to get mum and dads attention!

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