It's wonderful to be here after all the stresses, strains, and running around involved in leaving Costa Rica.  We haven't done much of anything so far.  We've got a storage locker full of stuff to deal with, but we haven't been able to summon any urgency about it yet.  Instead we've spent our time meandering around the neighbourhood, taking Petra to Stanley Park and down to the sea wall, and bumping into people we know from our old building.

I've eaten blueberries and/or raspberries every day, been to Starbucks for old time's sake, and had the first of what I hope will be many sushi meals (fresh salmon – yum!!).  I've put piles of books on hold at the Vancouver Public Library (the library is one of my very favourite things).  The first of them arrived a couple of days ago.  I'd been checking my account online several times a day to see if they'd turned up, and when they did I rushed up the street to collect them.  Once I got them home, I couldn't decide which one to read first, so I started all of them.  I reminded myself of Petra trying to play with all her favourite toys at once.  When she's confronted with multiple desirable objects she gets very excited and starts hooting and hollering, then she tries to grab all of them at once.  It's funny to watch her with a toy in each hand, staring at the next toy on the floor, obviously trying to work out how to pick it up without dropping what she's already holding.  I didn't hoot and holler (much!), but the urge to play with everything right now was the same.

Today, we got hair cuts, all three of us, one after the other.  Petra had never had her hair cut before so we didn't quite know what she would do, but the hairdresser snuck up on her while she was safely in Travis's arms and she was intrigued rather than frightened or annoyed.  The hairdresser was good – pity we didn't see him while we were living here – and Travis and I both look much more stylish than we did when we left the house this morning.  Getting a haircut of any kind was a trial in Costa Rica and getting a good haircut proved impossible, so we were in a sad state of disrepair.  But now we're coifed.

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