QotD: Lost and Found

What have you lost that you wish you could get back?
Submitted by, Witch Hazel

My waist!

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2 Responses to QotD: Lost and Found

  1. Roewan says:

    It's a princess!
    I fail to pay attention to Vox for a couple of weeks and then come back to see this beautiful reminder of our wedding dress adventures. I wonder if I can still remember how to tie that bow?

  2. Janette says:

    I had fun looking through the photos of the dress hunt and the pre-wedding dressing to pick one. Choosing the dress was one of the really fun parts of the wedding planning.Right now, I can't imagine ever fitting inside it again, so your bow-tying skills won't be tested this trip even though I have the dress in our suite at the moment. I have to figure out how best to get it to NZ and I don't think I want to put it in a container for six weeks. Maybe I'll send it parcel post or courier it instead.

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