We’re Here!

It turns out that it's good to fly five days after a hurricane that was serious enough to close the airport for a couple of days and scare off other travellers, but not so serious that the infrastructure of the airport was badly damaged.  All our flights were on time and Houston airport was wonderfully empty.  As the immigration officer in Houston said, "Only crazy people are flying right now.  I guess that includes you."

Petra flew well.  She slept pretty much all the way from Houston to Vancouver, only waking up in the taxi on the way to our hotel.  Even though it was around 1am by the time we checked in, she was inclined to think that since she was up, it must be time to play and it took us some time to persuade her otherwise.

Our hotel is great.  We have a little one-bedroom apartment with in-suite laundry (a must when travelling with a baby).  It's only a few blocks from where we used to live and is right next to Stanley Park.  We walked around yesterday checking out our old haunts – it's easy to slide back into our Vancouver lifestyle. 

I'm still getting my head around the fact that we're not on holiday, we're emigrating/returning home to New Zealand.  We had so much running around to do before we left Costa Rica that I didn't get a chance to catch up with myself. Now we're here though and I'm glad.

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4 Responses to We’re Here!

  1. Anya's Mom says:

    I'm glad you made it! Good luck with the rest of your travels.

  2. Carla says:

    Yay for Petra being an awesome travelling baby, hopefully she'll do it for the next flight too. Glad you got to Vancouver in one piece, can't believe its only a month til you get here!!!

  3. Janette says:

    Thanks! It's so nice to be here after all the running around we had to do in CR. we've had a few days off but have to start sorting out our storage locker today.

  4. Janette says:

    Petra travelled great. Unfortunately her sleeping patterns are all buggered up. She's staying up until midnight and sleeping until after 9. If she's still doing that when we're at your house, you might not be quite so keen to see us! 🙂

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