Better News

Continental resumed flying out of Houston today, and if their website is to be believed, things went well.

  • Continental resumed a comprehensive flight schedule at its Houston hub at Intercontinental Airport (IAH). All terminals at the airport are functioning. On Sept. 15 Continental (including mainline, Continental Express and Continental Connection) has more than 500 departures (and an equal number of arrivals) scheduled at Houston. Normal operations are also continuing at the carrier's other hubs.

Cross fingers that all goes according to plan.

One of Travis's colleagues came this morning for the last of the things that we've sold/given away.  We were left with half-filled suitcases and a litter of unconsidered trifles on our floor.  I took Petra off to our hotel to keep her entertained and out of the way while Travis stuffed everything into our suitcases.  Somewhat to my surprise, it all fitted.  Now we just need to rearrange a little so that we can squeeze in the last few bits and pieces.  And then we're done. 

I'll be glad to make it safely on our plane on Wednesday.  Moving is a pain, even when it goes well (and so far it has gone very very well), and watching a huge storm cross your flight path doesn't help.

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One Response to Better News

  1. Carla says:

    Well you wouldn't want life to be too easy now would you! Fingers crossed the website is telling you the truth and planes are flying again!!

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