Independence Day

Costa Rica gained independence from Spain in 15 September 1821.  The holiday's on Monday.  Petra will be ten months old on the same day. 

Independence Day is a big deal here.  Shops and buildings have been decorated for weeks with flags and red, white, and blue streamers and decorations.  Vendors are selling flags and crepe paper bird cages on the side of the pista.  And people have flags waving from their cars and houses.  Travis risked life and limb this afternoon to rush across the road to buy a small cloth flag for Petra.  I want some reminders of Costa Rica for her.  She's a Tica and will remain so, even when we're away from here.  Any time someone asks for her place of birth she'll get to say San Jose, Costa Rica.

We went to the pediatrician yesterday for Petra's ten-month check up.  I took the chance to take some photos of the hospital and surrounds to add to our collection.

I would have taken the pediatrician's photo as well, but Petra decided that she was totally opposed to having him anywhere near her and screamed for the whole visit.  Not an auspicious time for photos.  Although I did take one of her outside the hospital and still showing her displeasure.

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