Vox Hunt: Furniture Find

Show us your favorite piece of furniture.

It's not the prettiest chair ever, but the red laziboy saw me through the whole of my pregnancy and has done sterling service as our favoured breast feeding spot since Petra was born.  I slept on it during my pregnancy when I got too big and awkward to sleep comfortably in bed.  It clatters when you put the footrest down, so I got very efficient at climbing on and off it with the footrest up.  Even when I was nine and a bit months pregnant I could still heave myself out of it for the many many trips to the toilet I made each night.

Once Petra was born, it became a bed for everyone.  For a while Petra would only sleep at night if she was leaning against one of us, while we rocked gently in the chair.  We all got good at sleeping sitting up.  Even now, Petra and I doze off together in the chair if we're feeling particularly sleepy in the afternoon.  She sprawls on the boppy pillow and I nod over top of her.

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