And now a return to our regularly scheduled programming…

We have been slowly working our way round our house making more piles of stuff.  We don't have much left to look through – only the paperwork in the office (aaarggghhh) and the clothes in the master bedroom closets – which is just as well because the movers come on Thursday to pack everything and seal it into our container.  All of a sudden it's nearly time to go.  I'm looking forward to leaving – it's definitely time to settle into a community again.  Petra's ready to meet new people and Travis and I are ready to take advantage of the many babysitting options we'll have in Dunedin – so we'll all benefit!

Petra's taking another of her periodic dislikes to sleep.  She's growing a couple of new teeth – the two top front teeth this time – and they're giving her grief.  Not as much grief as the first teeth did, but enough that she's making uncomfortable scrunchy faces and has lost her appetite.

She's become quite the explorer, crawling off whenever she can.  She invented a game of baby chase the other day, heading for the vertical blinds so that I would follow her, then putting on a burst of speed as I got close and giggling like a maniac.  It was all very cute, if somewhat exhausting.

She also uses the chairs and tables upstairs as an obstacle course, vanishing behind the chair and emerging beside the table.  I have to be quick or she grabs what she can from the coffee table.

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