In Which there is Good News and Bad

The good:
I had a milk culture done and the initial results were clear.  I seem to have shaken off the bacterial infection.  Yay!

The bad:
I still feel lousy.  My left breast is hot, sore and producing too much milk and likely to have another mastitis attack if I don't keep emptying it.  In fact, I slowly clogged up on Friday – I've gotten very efficient at dealing with it though.  A hot shower, hot as I can stand, massage, and a meal for Petra are enough to clear the blocks. 
And, in a new wrinkle, Travis's doctor (whom I saw because I didn't want to go another round with Dr Urcuyo) thinks that I'm now hot, tired, and generally not-well because I have a viral infection.  I suppose that this makes sense.  It would explain my suddenly swollen lymph nodes and the failure of the last antibiotics to do anything for me.  But I feel a bit aggrieved about it even so.

I'm very glad not to be infected anymore and hopeful that I'm safe from abscesses and other such nasties.  But I'm bummed that the mastitis hasn't gone away.  I naively assumed that once I'd dealt to the bacteria, the mastitis would clear completely.  No such luck however.  Now, I just have to hope that the lactation consultant in Vancouver will be able to help me reduce my milk supply.  And I also have to hope that whatever viral infection I've picked up will work its way through soon. 

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