Baby Birthdays

Petra's nine months old tomorrow, which seems like a big milestone to me for some reason.  Perhaps because it means that she's been out in the world as long as she was in my belly.   I can't quite believe that she's as old as she is.  Now that she's mobile, teething, eating (albeit reluctantly) solid food, saying a few words, and most especially, now that she's standing up, she's not a little baby anymore.  She's well on her way to becoming a toddler.  I'm excited about all her achievements and am fascinated watching her reveal more and more of herself as time passes.  I am also wistful about the end of the baby stage.  Babies are lovely, so cuddly and snuggly.  They stay where you put them as well, something I'm learning to appreciate as I head Petra off at the tv, or phone cord, or vertical blinds for the umpteenth time.

Petra's delightful at the moment though, so full of laughter and enthusiasm about everything.  I talk, she gargles, growls and coos right back; I wave my arms around, she giggles; Travis and I talk, she loudly joins in.  She's been particularly fun today.  She napped well and worked hard on standing between naps.  She's worked out how to pull herself up, then let go and sink quite gracefully down onto her butt.  I thought she'd start cruising after she learned how to pull herself up, but instead she's intent on balancing without holding on.  She plants her feet, lets go with one hand and extends her arm for balance, and slowly lets go with the other hand, dabbing it down for support if she wobbles.

She's in a particularly good mood today because her teeth don't appear to be hurting as much and because she's not as tired as she has been recently.  We seem to be settling into a bedtime routine again after a few exhausting and chaotic weeks of random bedtimes and lots of night time disturbances.  I'm so relieved.  The broken nights and late bedtimes had me tearing my hair out.  I managed when she was a newborn, but I found the recent disruptions very stressful.  "It's not supposed to be like this now," was my cry, "we're regressing."  But we're not regressing after all, we're just moving toward a new arrangement.

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One Response to Baby Birthdays

  1. Carla says:

    Wow you have been blogging up a storm lately 🙂 Can't believe the divine Miss P is 9 months already! You can tell by the photos that she has a lot going on. You can see the facial expressions and that she's doing heaps of stuff. I told mum about her standing by herself and she said thats what you did. You didn't cruise (or crawl for that matter) just stood around a bit then took off. Petra might be the same!

    Glad you are getting some sleep again, nothing worse than sleep deprivation for all concerned 🙂

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