Petra Reading

Travis read Petra a Hairy Maclary story last night.  It was a pretty gymnastic event with Petra doing her best to contribute by eating the pages and climbing all over Dad.


We've been reading a lot of Hairy Maclary books because the language is so wonderful that they're fun for us as well as for Petra.  The author, Lynley Dodd uses really dynamic verbs and isn't afraid to throw in fun, unusual words like rapscallion, cacophony, and caterwaul, so the books are fabulous for reading out loud.  Some of our favourites are:

Slinky Malinki Hairy Maclary's Caterwaul Caper (Picture Puffin) Hairy Maclary, Sit (Picture Puffin)

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4 Responses to Petra Reading

  1. Zotta says:

    Thansk for sharing all these pictures and the books look adorable.Will keep in mind. OMG, you're emigrating to New Zealand!!?I know a woman who until recently flew there about once a year.It does seem like a long way– aside from the astronomical cost.Hope you really enjoy being in Vancouver. Will try to share someshots of Sven with the kitty. But I think I have a kitty-vid to start.

  2. Carla says:

    Love the photos, looks like it was fun for everyone! Gotta love Hairy Maclary, O has memorised the whole of Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy so she reads it to me now. Its very impressive she even gets the dogs all in the right order!! Haven't read Hairy Maclary Sit – might have to do some investigating.

  3. Janette says:

    I flew home every year as well, until I got married and pregnant. It's long and painful, but there's a direct flight from Vancouver now so it won't be quite as nasty as it used to be.

  4. Janette says:

    Well done O! She's doing better than I am – I've almost got it off by heart, but not quite. Hairy Maclary Sit is particularly funny if you've ever tried and failed to get your dog to obey…

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