QotD: Smiley Face

What's making you smile today?

Petra as always.  She's changing and growing apace.  Her first tooth has just appeared, which might explain her erratic sleeping habits recently and her unusual crotchetiness. 

She's still working very hard on becoming mobile.  I'm not quite sure how she does it but she's able to twist and wriggle all around her mat even though she can't crawl yet.  She can get up on her hands and knees, but she hasn't figured out how to go forward. 

Today she learned how to push herself up from her stomach into a sitting position.  Very casual about it she was too, as if she'd been sitting herself up forever.  She has so much more control of her body even in just the past couple of days.

Petra's also showing more personality all the time.  She makes her feelings known, complaining bitterly when we do annoying things like dress her but loving us extravagantly as well.  She's always delighted to see us and loves to spend time getting up close and personal with us.

Petra 159-1Petra 160-1

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