Breaking the Girl

Petra fell this morning and hit her head.  She has a red, slightly raised mark on her forehead.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and that was just me.  Petra cried, I cuddled her and fed her (milk is good for everything that ails her).  Then she got down on the floor to play and is now just fine.  Me not so much – I'm watching for signs of concussion and feeling like the worst mother in the world because I didn't catch her. 

As Petra gets more mobile, I'll have to get used to more crashes and bashes.  And I'll have to get used to the fact that I can't protect her from all of the bumps and bruises, large and small that life will throw at her.

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2 Responses to Breaking the Girl

  1. WorkingTitle says:

    Just watch her like you've been doing and know that it happens to all of us. It DOES NOT make you a bad mom!

  2. Janette says:

    Thanks!! I know that intellectually, but I still felt like a heel. It's Petra's first real fall and I didn't much like it.

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