Saturday Night Petras

Petra's seven months old tomorrow.  Already!  I can't quite believe how quickly the time has passed and how much she's grown and changed.  Just the other day she was a tiny baby and we were clueless new parents.  Now she's big and busy and it seems as though she's been with us forever.

I'm having so much fun being Petra's mum.  I had no idea how much pleasure she'd bring me or how hard I would fall in love.  She's wonderful.

And, in honour of her seven month birthday, here she is:

Seeing bubbles for the first time – which was more fun for us than for Petra I suspect.

Petra 014-1Petra 015-2

Looking cute in clothes from great aunty Marilyn.

Taking a thumb-sucking break.  She needs lots of these now that she's playing so hard on the floor.

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