Petra At Home

I thought Petra would be bored at home without all the new people and places and activities.  But she seems happy to hang out with me.  She's lovely to be with because she's so happy and so eager to be amused.  She laughs full-body, head-thrown-back, squealing laughs about all kinds of mundane things.  Having her hands and face washed is funny, parents who make faces or wave their hands at her are funny, story time is funny, mum singing is funny, dad coming up the stairs is funny, mirrors are thoroughly entertaining, and any form of peekaboo is just hilarious.

Since we've been home, she's worked on crawling and standing and taken long naps (all the physical exertion must be tiring!).  She uses me like a jungle gym, bouncing up and down and practicing pushing herself up.  She's rolling around now and tonight she pulled herself upright after toppling over onto her back.  Before I know it she'll be mobile and her little baby stage will be over.

Here she is trying to crawl and then collapsed aftewards.

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