Petra has had a busy afternoon. 

Travis and I are preparing applications for Costa Rican residency and one of the things we need to provide is a criminal record check from Canada.  To get this, we have to send copies of our fingerprints to the RCMP for them to run through their database.  We went to the main police station in San Jose last week to be fingerprinted and went back today to pick them up (they needed to keep the fingerprints for a week for reasons best known to themselves).  We had to queue outside and while we waited it started to pour – heavy fat tropical raindrops pounded down on the ground, making a big racket. 

Petra's a dry season baby and has never seen or heard rain before.  Her first encounter left her none too impressed.  She has a special, heartbreaking "I'm frightened by this loud noise" cry which she let rip.  I  hugged her and talked to her and she eventually decided that she could deal with the noise.  But she still had to contend with people talking to her and touching her feet, with cracks of thunder loud enough to make my hand jerk as I signed for my fingerprints (and she's never heard thunder before either), and with Friday afternoon traffic as we walked to and from the car.  The entire process only took about 20 minutes but Petra was pale and exhausted by the time we made it back to the car.  All those firsts were hard work.

She napped in the car and woke up her usual hungry and happy self.  She responds intensely to what's going on around her, but can move quickly on to the next thing.  Very adaptable…

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