Taking Care of Mum

After Petra was born, finding time to do even the simplest things was much more difficult than I expected.  For the first few weeks just getting dressed in something other than sweatpants or pajamas was more than I could manage.  Even showering and cleaning my teeth twice a day wasn't always doable.  Despite all the sleeping they do, newborns fill all your time, or Petra did anyway.  Thankfully those days have passed – I'm washed and flossed every day now.

And I've finally gotten around to doing a few Janette-maintenance activities like going to the dentist, getting my back tweaked, and making an appointment for a hair cut.  I now have shiny clean teeth and a relaxed back.  And as of Saturday afternoon the hair will be out of my eyes.  I feel like a whole new woman.

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2 Responses to Taking Care of Mum

  1. Carla says:

    Ahhh life is grand when you can manage to be washed and flossed everyday again šŸ™‚ Nothing like a haircut to make a girl feel good about life, just looked at the photos and it is quite the glam haircut too!

  2. Janette says:

    Thanks!!! It'll be all over once I wash it this morning. But I was glam for an afternoon at least.

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