Shiny Happy Petra

Here's Petra playing with her toys and to the crowd.   She's become quite the flirt, smiling and wriggling to attract our attention.


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2 Responses to Shiny Happy Petra

  1. Roewan says:

    What a babe, clearly delighted with her surroundings. Her play mat reminds me of 1960s pop art. Do you think she'll retain a taste for all those bright colours? I imagine a teenage Petra in psychedelic mini-dress and ice blue eye shadow while her parents wonder what branch of the family that came from.

  2. Janette says:

    Ah, funky teenage Petra – I'm not sure whether to look forward to that or be very very nervous! She'll be cute, psychedelic dresses or no.Babies are very keen on bright colours – not sure how long that lasts though, probably at least until her eyes are fully developed. We'll know she's a sixties throwback if she still likes lime green and bright yellow in a few years.How's the house purchasing going? Have you had the acceptance confirmed yet?

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