I’m Reduced to This….

Sitting on my chair moaning and grumbling at the computer on the table beside me.  "What's wrong?" says Travis looking anxious.  "I'm reading cricket," I say.  "New Zealand lost a wicket."  "Oh," says Travis and wanders off.  He's used to my eccentricities.

Petra's asleep and I'm using the free time to read over-by-over coverage of the cricket test between New Zealand and England on The Guardian's website.  And it makes for gruesome reading at that, if you're a New Zealander.  Hence the groaning.  The NZ team is in its last throes – they're losing wickets all over the place.

Fortunately, I like the writing even when the game has gone wrong for New Zealand.  It's funny and irreverent and interactive.  People send in emails and the conversation drifts off into arguments about Australian cheeses or lamentations about cancelled tv programmes.  

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