QotD: But Everyone Likes Me!

Why do you think it is some people don't get along with you?

What's with the QotD's recently?  They've been a real downer.  Questions like "what have you done that you're ashamed of?" and "what's the worst thing that could happen to you today?" and now this one seem more suited to an angst-ridden therapy session or an angst-filled journal entry, than to blogging.  Maybe I'm a wuss, but I prefer my writing prompts a little more upbeat.

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2 Responses to QotD: But Everyone Likes Me!

  1. Roewan says:

    I've almost given up even checking the QotD. Lately they just don't seem to inspire any thoughts worth writing down.
    Admitedly I have been a bit single-minded and lately the only topic of real interest to me, besides pirates, is house hunting. There never seems to be a QotD about house hunting! Maybe I should submit one…

  2. Janette says:

    Yes, a QotD about house-hunting with pirates could be fun!I'm also monomaniacal these days – all baby all the time. And the current crop of QotD's doesn't give me any reason to change my focus. They used to get me thinking about stuff, but not at the moment. It's not us, it's them!! 🙂

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