And a Petra Update

This post is only for the hard core Petra watchers out there – the aunts and grandmas of the world.

Petra's nearly 17 weeks old and has just gone through another developmental spurt. 

She can hold her head up now.  It droops a little still which is no surprise given its disproportionate size.  Her little arms barely reach past the top of her head when she stretches them out, giving her a very odd shape when she sleeps flat on her back with her arms up in the "please don't shoot" pose.  But her neck is much stronger than it was even a couple of weeks ago.  Her back is stronger as well.  She likes to be held in a sitting position so that she can survey the world.

She can rock onto her side, although she hasn't made it all the way over yet.  I look forward to the surprise she'll get when she finally tips over.

And she has a sucking method for every occasion.  To go to sleep, she uses her right hand to hold her left hand to her mouth and sucks her left sleeve.  When she's tired during the day, she sucks her thumb and pulls her ear or twirls her hair with the other hand.  When she's hanging out and chatting, she puts a few fingers in her mouth and talks around them.

She also gets cuter all the time.  Here she is in her first ever dress.  It's been really hot here for the last few days, so I broke out the summer clothes Carla gave me.

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2 Responses to And a Petra Update

  1. Then says:

    "please don't shoot pose"–ha, great description. Sofia always sleeps in that pose. Sofia doesn't suck her thumb or sleeve, but she tries to put her whole hand in her mouth and suck or she uses her blanket. I love dresses on babies, but they can be so impractical having to pull them down all the time when they slide up!

  2. Janette says:

    thanks! Oh, Petra sticks her fist in her mouth as well – I forgot that. She jams it in so far that she gags. She's actually made herself sick a couple of times because she pushed her fingers too far down her throat. She didn't seem to care though, just carried on sucking.

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