It’s Official

Petra's now the proud owner of the dot matrix printout that passes for a birth certificate in these parts.  She's officially Costa Rican! 

Travis went this morning to what he described as the very Kafkaesque institution that is the Registro Civil in San Jose.  Apparently the building was full of people milling about aimlessly so that figuring out where to go was no easy task.  He had to join two queues – one to buy 20 colones (the equivalent of a few US cents) worth of timbres (stamps) to use to verify the certificate and one to get the actual certificate.  The birth certificate is not valid unless the stamps are correctly attached, date stamped, and signed.  I'm not sure why the addition of these essentially worthless stamps is so important, but you need them for most official documents here.

Petra and I stayed home in bed.  We needed the sleep because Petra's given up sleeping in the evening again.  We were up until after three on Monday morning and until 2ish this morning.  She's not grumpy or in pain or unhappy; she's just up.  She sat on my lap (or Travis's) trying out all the wonderful new noises she's discovered she can make.  It's all very cute.  But exhausting as well.

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2 Responses to It’s Official

  1. Here's a theory: the stamps distinguish that someone stood in line for them, thus separating locals from tourists. Presumably tourists can be cajoled into all sorts of stupid stuff, but not things that require patience.If that isn't it, then I've got nothin'.As for Petra's sleep, don't worry about it. Eventually things even out and they find their own rhythms. (Like they say early on in Men In Black about the "daily" schedule they keep. "You get used to it…or your head explodes.")

  2. Janette says:

    That's a thought – it's a weeding out device. If you're willing to suffer through one of the interminable Costa Rican queues (and Costa Ricans are champion queuers – better even than the English), you must really be the owner of the official piece of paper.Thanks for the sleep comment. You're right, worrying that we're doing it wrong and thinking that maybe I need to push Petra to do something different doesn't change Petra's sleep routine, it just causes exploding heads. It was the internets what did me in – all those parenting sites with their "you're doomed, doomed I tell you, unless you do what we say, doomed, doomed!" style of commentary. I came away from a spot of surfing the other day thinking "ohmigod, I'm doing it all wrong!!" Before that I'd been fine with Petra's schedule. Although I do find myself fantasizing about going to bed before midnight and staying there for 8 blissful uninterrupted hours. I like my sleep!!

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